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Participate for smiling of your kids

March 21, 2018 9:13 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


If we observe and compare today’s generation and their childhood with the old generation like ours, we feel lucky as it was filled with joy and was stress free. This generation looks highly stressed over due to many reasons, foremost are the initial years of their education. Our education system is producing the generation where youngsters have no thinking and ideas of their own. Intelligence is based on your capability and efficiency to cram the syllabus and reproduce them in exam sheet. Most of the syllabus is also unwanted set of information only. Sadly, our education system is unable to identify the talent and set on an age old pattern where students do not have any choice. There is hardly any experiential learning which is preparing them for both living and life.As I am a skill trainer and have seen students over the years, I have realized that even if the whole system is based on only intellectual development still a lot of stuff that students are taught and learn do not boost their skill and sharpen it. It is just an accumulated knowledge based on theories with no practical learning.
Today’s era is of technology and web. Just by one Google search we can know anything we want to know. In our times, it was not that easy as there were no computers so we actually needed to memories a lot of stuff as it was not readily available. But today there is no such need to remember various formulas, equations and so many other stuffs; rather we need only to understand by experimenting the concepts. That is what lacking in the system.
When we talk of system, we all are a part of it. It is our sole responsibility to work towards the betterment of our next generation and it starts with what we are teaching them and how useful these teachings for their happier life.
Our HRD ministry is also thinking in this direction now and started taking firm steps, asking suggestion from all well wisher to share their constructive suggestion for betterment of our future generation. HRD, Govt. of India is inviting suggestions on rationalizing curriculum/ syllabus/ subject contents for classes I to class XII with the objective of all round development of students. Please visit mhrd.gov.in/suggestions and participate.
Please go through the link and share your suggestion, what you will do if you have given full power to rebuild our educational system.

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