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January 7, 2018 9:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

betnovate n price A very Bad incidents happened In Indore on Friday dated 05th Jan 2018 where a school Bus is met with an accidents and some of our beloved kids / school staff of DPS school passed away. Further investigation shows that school buses are not getting properly maintained despite of high cost took from parents.

notify It is utmost important that Vehicles either Personal or public needs to be kept in good health all the time. It has been observed that people responsible to maintain vehicle upkeep either lazy or does not posses necessary technical skill to anticipate vehicle condition.

There is a need to make a system where vehicle needs to go through regular audit may be once in a month by a competent person and certified, at user ends also peoples responsible to maintain the vehicle to be trained effectively.

Our team at GANTAVYA are capable to do this job and offer a free checkup services for one month period to educational institutions, during this period we will also train technicians at educational institutions so that they can perform initial checkups by there own team.

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