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Industry and Education

January 2, 2018 7:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


In various survey conducted recently it has been very clearly emerged that Industry as well as educational institute and students are in deep trouble. Industry needs trained people since market is highly demanding and needs product upgrade at very fast phase. In previous days a fresh new comer has sufficient time to cope up with Industry needs and has good breathing time, those days are passed outnow. Industry expects that with very minimum input one should start giving output.

In other side at Educational institution the situation is muchreversed, here are large numbers of institutions in which degree / diploma holders are passing out with merely negligible practical exposures; they however qualified as per university standards but very far from expectations.

Our country is having large versatile work force and needs appropriate directions to channelize this energy for the prosperity of our country BHARAT. Due to lack of proper guidance at large number of private institutions the work force so called engineers are not capable to serve Industry and remains partially employed or unemployed. This Un-employment creates unrest in the society and certainly not a healthy situation.

Technology enhancement is another part where Industry is moving towards high-end technology but our institutions are leg behind and unaware of latest trends and tools.

But this situation can be changed and we have those capabilities…so wait for my next Blog.

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