"Welcome to the initiative of getting experienced and becoming employable.First 2 batches got experience and selected in major OEMs. Don’t miss the oppurtunity."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are CAD is also included in course content

No, as of now it is not covered, However based on requirement assistance for CAD tools will be provided, cost will be additional, we will provide Industry oriented Cad assistance where participants will be trained for designing and modelling of actual components. As of now we can provide assistance on Creo and CATIA.

What about technical consultancy

In this portfolio we will provide assistance to Industry for resolving there specific issues related to product and processes, we will also provide consultancy if industry wanted to set us his own design department. We will also provide assistance for Jigs . Fixture design. We can also provide 3rd Party audit for ensuring product quality from Tier1/ Tier 2 suppliers.

What are the training modules available

As of now we have planned three courses:

(a) Crash Course on Automotive: This is two month course in which after brief theory classes you will be trained to handle commercial vehicles technical issues. The major need of a commercial vehicle customer is Higher Tyre life and Low fuel consumption in addition to reduced maintainance cost. This trg is dedicated on these requirements. You will also get exposure to Customer interaction and live handling of customer issues. We will also cover Basic Vehicle Electronics.

(b) Deep Diving In Mechanical engineering: This is 6 month course , in this module in addition to the content of two months course we will also go in depth on various domains of Mechanical engineering that is materials, Heat treatment, various design aspects like GD and T, Statistical analysis tools, 7 qc tools etc. After completion of the course participants will be confident on working in design as well as production or quality function. During the training we will also cover CAE in little more details, participants will also have exposure to various manufacturing plants to see them selves various processes used like Forging, casting, sheet metal, rubber, plastic parts. We will also cover latest technologies used in automotive industry like 3d printing, Virtual lab etc. Essential parts of Mechatronics will also getting covered in this module.

(c) Short Term Courses for dealers / Industries: This module has been prepared for Fleet owners, Dealers of commercial vehicles in which vehicle maintenance know how will be provided to technicians. Specific courses can be designed based on requirements. Short terms courses ranging from one day to 5 days can also be organized for Industrial professional on various aspects like CAE/ GD&T, Gear Design, Failure Analysis, Engine systems, Suspension systems, Braking system etc.

What is Customer profitability

This portfolio has been designed for fleet owners where we will provide tyre life enhancement as well as Fuel efficiency enhancement assistance specially to commercial vehicles. We can also take audit contract for vehicles, a regular check up of vehicle will ensure trouble free and profitable running of the vehicle and our trained personal assist on these aspects.

What is surety that I get job after completion of training

All the training modules are focused that you learn by experience and once you acquire necessary skills Jobs will be behind you. Even said that we are also committed to provide JOB to every passed candidate.

Will I get a JOB in Automotive OEM

There are various options available, after completion of 2 Month course and passing the exam there after you will be placed either on Third party role at Major OEM’s or you may be placed at Major commercial vehicle service outlets / fleet owners where you need to guide the team of technicians. These are the 1st gates to enter to OEM, we have experienced that lot of candidates gets on OEM pay role from Third Party based on there performance.

After completion of 6 Month course and passing exams there after which s dedicated to design aspects you will be enriched in such a way that you will get JOB at Major OEM”S suppliers.

In Case you have more questions please write to us at info@gantavya.co.in or call us.