"Welcome to the initiative of getting experienced and becoming employable.First 2 batches got experience and selected in major OEMs. Don’t miss the oppurtunity."

“Gantavya” name itself explains the concept of assisting our customers to reach their destination by achieving their goals.
NASSCOM reports says, more than 80% of the Indian engineers/graduates are not competent enough to cope up in the current industry scenario globally or in India. Unfortunate but true that scholars coming out of college are not ready to work in industry.
Same is the scenario with end users. Being in automotive industry and after dealing with customers as well as scholars, we found out that, customers are also unaware of the potential available in their practices itself. Moreover most of the customers worried about revenue only.
Gantavya has started with the vision of developing & enhancing skills of the under graduates to cope up with the industry norms before entering into the real world of professionalism and providing customized solutions to end users to ensure enhanced profitability of the customer.
About Us
“Gantavya” is an initiative of two industry experts Nitin Marathe and Anand Deshpande having over 40 years of industry experience in various field of mechanical engineering. The two have experience of working in renowned organizations like VE commercial vehicles ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, Gajra Gears, Dana India etc.
List of experts doesn’t stops here and still the Gantavya is backed up with freelancers from different streams who are part of Gantavya family and assist us as and when required.
To introduce us, Gantavya training, placement and services is Indore based firm and we are into training and skill enhancement of scholars individually as well as at institution level. We are also providing assistance to institutes and students in their portfolio management in terms of developing technical expertise and providing exposure to National or international platforms.
We do provide trainings to the industry professionals to further enhance their skills to attain organization needs and to provide the edge over the competition.
Also we provide technical consultancy to the industry in new innovation ideas as well as in critical issues resolution. And project based assistance to the industry.
We also providing customized solutions to the end users like transporters(automotive industry) to bridge the gaps and attain the potential to achieve maximum profitability.